Kavisha Valecha (Kavi)

Founder and Design Curator

“Ashiima is a multi-lifestyle brand handcrafting unique luxurious easy-to-wear dresses and tops for the women who illuminate our lives in innumerable ways”

Our Story

Our exquisite designs are tailored by profoundly talented craftsmans and experts utilizing customary techniques for weaving in the most rich delicate fabrics. Each piece is unique taking as long as a little while just to finish the weaving.

Established on the Las Palmas city of the dreamy island of Gran Canaria, Spain, Ashiima intents to grow internationally into a well renowned reputed brand.

Ashiima founder Kavisha is an Indian native who calls Spain her home, has been working in the fashion industry from a tender age of early 20’s and has understood the fashion likings of the women from different lifestyles, ethnicities and geographical locations.

Enthusiastic for everything carefully handmade, bright and imaginative, she has more than 20 years of experience in curating exquisite simple to-wear dresses intending to make women feel fabulous and comfortable in their own skin. Some of Kavi’s dresses are worn by many women around the world and every one of them expressing exactly the same thing about getting praises and compliments.